Meet The Team

CAGE Executive 2016 - 2017

Barbara Bowron, President

Barbara has had extensive primary teaching and leadership experience as a Deputy Principal, Gifted Coordinator  and currently as a facilitator for ‘Gifted Education’ for primary schools with the University of Canterbury Ed Plus. 

The main focus of her work is to support schools to identify gifted learners and provide effective, differentiated programmes. She has a special interest in gifted students who are underachieving and those who come from culturally diverse backgrounds.




Jeanette Christiansen, Executive, Vice President

Jeanette is a retired teacher and primary adviser to schools (all sectors). She is an experienced teacher of gifted students and has also presented at many conferences on various dimensions of gifted education.

Jeanette is passionate about gifted education, enabling gifted students to work to their fullest potential and to enjoy their learning. She is knowledgeable about inquiry learning and passionate about underachieving gifted learners including twice exceptional learners.






Carla Gibson, Executive, Website 

Carla is experienced in middle school education, having experience in teaching from years seven to ten. She has taught in a range of schools and has recently helped lead the establishment of the year seven to eight levels at a secondary school. Currently she is a dean and team leader and is responsible for national standards and gifted education in years seven and eight.

She is especially interested in gifted programmes in mathematics and in differentiating learning for gifted students within integrated classroom programmes. 




Julie Rogers Portrait

Julie Rogers, Executive, Website

Julie has taught in junior, middle and senior schools in both state and private schools in NZ and England. Julie was a founding member of CAGE and is passionate about providing opportunities for teachers to collaborate. Julie has taught from year four to thirteen and has been the gifted coordinator at a range of schools. She has led specific programmes such as Extension Maths, Philosophy and Future Problem Solving.

Julie is passionate that gifted students, should be identified early and receive a programme targeted to their needs.




Pauline Dann, Executive, Treasurer & Membership

Pauline is a primary GATE Co-ordinator and teacher. Pauline has experience in presenting to a variety of groups about gifted education.

Pauline is passionate about the provision of extension and enrichment programmes for the classroom teacher and providing the opportunity for social & emotional development. Pauline is also experienced in the Philosophy for Children (P4C) Programme.





Joanne Clark, Executive, Secretary

Joanne is a Year 7 - 13 drama specialist and GATE co-ordinator.

Joanne focuses on developing extension programmes within curriculum programmes; she also has a role as a Specialist Classroom Teacher {SCT} and develops performing arts enrichment programmes.





Petra Dyer, Executive

Petra is a Year 7 - 13 GATE Coordinator, History and English teacher. Petra oversees the GATE service, organising and selecting programmes and opportunities for the extension and enrichment of gifted students e.g. Chess, Philosophy, Future Problem Solving, Robotics and creative technology and mentoring.

Petra runs a GATE Key Team to develop strategies for enhancing the learning of highly able students and promotes personalised learning.





CAGE Executive 2016 - 2017 New members 2016

Dominica Urmson, Executive

Dominica is a new teacher who brings a legal background to her secondary teaching. She has a special interest in gifted education.

She is passionate about personalised programmes and extending students' thinking through programmes such as Philosophy and Future Problem Solving.







Jonathon Ritchie, Executive

Jonathan has been working as a teacher since 2006 teaching from year three to year six. He has also worked as a Sports Coordinator for five years and has recently taken over as the Gifted and Talented Representative at his school.
Jonathan is looking forward to helping gifted children gain the experiences and teaching necessary to develop their talents further. 




















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